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Chinese Embassy in Iraq Organizes Local Media Visit to ZhenHua Oil's East Baghdad Project Camp


On August 9, the Chinese Embassy in Iraq, together with ZhenHua Oil, organized a special event at the East Baghdad Oilfield Project camp to commemorate the 65th Anniversary of China-Iraq diplomatic relations. Counsellor Xu Chun from the embassy, as well as representatives from ZhenHua Oil, PowerChina, Shanghai Electric, and other Chinese companies in Iraq, attended the event. More than 10 Iraqi mainstream media, including INA News Agency, Shafaq News, and Rudaw News, also participated.

Counsellor Xu Chun first introduced the development of bilateral relations between China and Iraq and the significant contributions made by Chinese enterprises to Iraq's development and reconstruction. He stated that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Iraq, mutual trust has been strengthened, and practical cooperation in various fields has rapidly developed. Chinese companies, including ZhenHua Oil, have been extensively involved in the construction of various sectors in Iraq, such as oil, power, and schools, making tremendous contributions to Iraq's post-war economic development, industrial recovery, and improvement of people's livelihoods.

Firas Nadhim Hasan, Chairman of the Joint Management Committee of the East Baghdad Oilfield Project, delivered a keynote speech focusing on how the project contributes to Iraq's national development, improves public welfare, enhances training to upgrade the professional skills of Iraqi employees, and actively fulfills social responsibilities to give back to the local community. His speech resonated with the attending media.

After the event, Iraqi journalists visited the facilities and witnessed the digitalization development of the East Baghdad Oilfield through video presentations. They expressed their admiration for the opportunity to visit the Chinese company and personally experience the tangible achievements brought by the friendship between Iraq and China, which left them deeply encouraged.