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Oil Trading

Relying on its upstream resources and downstream facilities, thanks to effective risk control and innovative marketing strategies, the trading volume and market share has kept expanding over the last 10 years ranking outstanding among China’s oil companies. An efficient and professional team with global perspective has been formed and highly recognized by the market.

Trading with Resource Countries:ZhenHua Oil has become one of the important market players in the world’s major oil-producing regions such as the Middle East, West Africa, South America, relying on off-taking of its entitlement oil, actively participating in pre-financing loans in oil-producing countries, and entering iner long-term contracts with international oil companies, in Iraq, UAE, Angola, Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Brazil to form its own unique advantages.

Marketing Channel:Starting from crude supply of Huajin Group in the conglomerate, ZhenHua Oil has seized the historical opportunity of the opening up of China’s crude oil import market, explored the domestic independent refineries, the overseas refineries and other crude oil supply market, and won the recognition and trust of customers with quality service. ZhenHua Oil supplies 10 million tons of crude oil every year to independent refineries in China, and its market share is firmly in the first tier of suppliers.

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