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Zhenhua Oil Research Institute of Exploration and Development (Research Institute)is a highly integrated entity for science and technology innovation, technical integration, and oilfield technical support. After years of development, Research Institute has been highly recognized in the industry, being awarded as a national high-tech enterprise, and a Sichuan technology transfer and transformation demonstration enterprise. Research Institute has been entitled with “Post-doctoral Workstation”, “Sichuan Province Engineering Technology Research Center of Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Intelligent Simulation”, and “Academicians (Experts) Workstations of Chengdu” as well. Research Institute always adheres to the strategic positioning of “One Department, Four Centers” (Oil & Gas Exploration and Development Intelligence Center, Technology Research Center, Technology Support Center, Data Information Center, Talent Cultivation Center). Research Institute persists to build top-notch teams, top-notch platforms, and top-notch technologies.  Research Institute is eager forwarding its three core technologies and sharping its oil and gas professional technology system, with keen insights for technology prospectives. Research Institute has tailored a R&D pathway for Zhenhua Oil on oil & gas exploration and development technologies.