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ZhenHua Oil has established a research and development management structure featured with “Leadership Decision-making Level – Innovative Entity Level”. In the aforementioned management structure, the headquarter approves, supervises, manages and coordinates projects throughout the R&D process, the Research Institute of Exploration and Development conducts research, develops novel technologies, and the overseas oilfield branches conduct onsite pilots to further increase the readiness level of novel technologies. Based on the aforementioned management structure, Zhenhua Oil continually deepens its institutional reform, establishes and enhances the motivation system of innovations. Zhenhua Oil takes all means to encourage and promote innovations for field applications. Currently, Zhenhua Oil has received 22 science and technology innovation & progress awards on provincial or ministerial levels, obtained 103 patent authorizations, and registered 21 software copyrights. Multiple key technologies by Zhenhua Oil hold leading position in the petroleum exploration and development industry.