Exploration and Development

Ahdeb Oil Field in Iraq

The Ahdeb Oil Field, 180 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, produced 135,000 b/d at its peak. On June 21, 2011, the oil field was officially put into production. It is the first international oil cooperation in Iraq in the new millennium. It is jointly operated by ZhenHua Oil and CNPC.

East Baghdad Oil Field Southern Part in Iraq

East Baghdad Oil Field Southern Part (EBS) is located southeast of Baghdad, Iraq. The Oilfield Development and Production Service Contract was signed in May 2018. The project is planned to build an annual output of 2 million tones. ZhenHua Oil acts as the operator.

ADNOC Onshore in the United Arab Emirates

ADNOC Onshore oilfield, located southwest of Abu Dhabi, comprises four fields and is the largest onshore concession in the UAE and one of the giant oilfields in the world. The annual equity production of ZhenHua Oil is 28 million bbls. Project partners include ADNOC, Total, BP, CNPC, Japan Oil Development Co (JODCO), and GS Energy of Korea.

Konys and Bektas (K&B) Oilfields in Kazakhstan

K&B Oilfields are located in Turgai Basin in south central Kazakhstan. The peak production was 16,000 b/d. As the majority shareholder, ZhenHua Oil operates K&B Oilfields and partners with CNPC.

NWG, EG and AESW in Egypt

The NPIC project includes Northwest Gemsa (NWG), Alam El Shawish West (AESW) and East Ghazalat (EG) fields, with current production of 46,000 boe/d. ZhenHua Oil’s operation in NWG and EG makes it the first Chinese operator in Egypt.

Pakistan Exploration Project

The Pakistan Exploration Project is located in central Pakistan, spanning an area of 2,442 square kilometers. The exploration has identified 6 traps. It is the first exploration of ZhenHua Oil.