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Oil and Gas Acquisitions
ZhenHua Oil regards continuous acquisition of new oil and gas project as an important development strategy. Through continuous improvement of market ability, technical ability and business competence, establishment of an information platform, a merger and acqu...[More]
Exploration and Development
Ahdeb Oil Field in Iraq:The Ahdeb Oil Field, 180 kilometers southeast of Baghdad, produced 135,000 b/d at its peak. On June 21, 2011, the oil field was officially put into production. It is the first international oil cooperation in Iraq in the new millennium....[More]
Oil Trading
Relying on its upstream resources and downstream facilities, thanks to effective risk control and innovative marketing strategies, the trading volume and market share has kept expanding over the last 10 years ranking outstanding among China’s oil companies. An...[More]
Natural Gas
ZhenHua Oil adheres to the development strategy of "simultaneous development of oil and gas", grasps the opportunities of vigorous development of international and domestic natural gas markets, commits itself to the layout and coordinated development of the wh...[More]
Storage and Logistics
ZhenHua Oil has been actively expanding its oil storage business, constantly making efforts in the acquisition of key resources like domestic storage, pipelines, and terminals. It has built and operated 705,000 cubic meters of crude oil storage tank and 15,000...[More]
Oil Refining
ZhenHua Oil is an important shareholder and a major crude oil supplier of North Huajin Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. (‘North Huajin’). As an integrated refining and petrochemical complex with a daily capacity of 160 kb of three main products of petrochemical, ...[More]