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Ahdeb Oilfield in Iraq

In July 2011, Al-Shahristani, Vice Primer of Iraq in charge of energy affairs, the general managers of four state oil companies of Iraq, the governor of Wasit Province where the Ahdeb Oilfield is located and other senior people from the political and economic circles of Iraq paid a visit to the oilfield. During the on-site press conference, the Vice Premier spoke highly of the great achievements AL-WAHA Petroleum Company has made, and expressed his sincere thanks to AL-WAHA for the outstanding contributions to the reconstruction of Iraq and its oil industry.

The new “household well site contract system” proposed by Al-Waha Petroleum Co. creates more employment opportunities, ensures safe production and operation of the oilfield by employing local households to guard the well site. This measure is highly recognized and supported by the local government and residents from planning to implementation. “The household contract system is a brand new system developed and introduced by Ahdeb Oilfield. It brings the local people a lot of benefits and guarantees the safety of oilfield facilities, so it not only brings convenience for oilfield development but also benefits local residents,” said Mohammed S. Abood, the on-site representative of the government and manager of Oilfield Department of Wasit Province. Kamil, head of the Eshibiliya Village, where the oil region is located, said that the “contract system” proposed by the Project Company is strongly supported by Eshibiliya Village, as it solves the employment and living issues of many villagers.

Al-Waha Petroleum Co. purchased and introduced the Flextronics harmless waste mud, rock debris and sewage processing technologies, and is the first oil company in the history of Iraq’s oil sector to harmlessly dispose of these wastes, as well as rock debris from test and acidification gushing. It has been praised by the local environmental protection authority as a company that creates a new precedent of environmental protection in Iraq’s drilling history.