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The North Dabaa block of NPIC put into production

PublishTime:2018-10-11 Hits:134

On August 31, the NorthDabaa-1 well of NPIC, located in EG section of the western desert in Egypt, was put into production. The test gas output is 5.9MMcfd and the gas condensate output is 750bpd.

NorthDabaa is a natural gas field development zone within the EG section. Due to the “double constraints” of minority shareholders' defaults and outward transport bottlenecks, reserves have not been tapped since the project was delivered. Recently, with the continuous rise of international oil prices, NPIC has resolutely implemented the headquarters strategies, determined to seize the opportunity of high oil prices, innovate ideas, and actively mobilize resources to carry out the work. On one hand, the company proposed an innovative way of offsetting the investment with the accounts receivables to develop and utilize the section. The company’s general manager sent several communications and successfully persuaded EGPC to approve the fund acquisition plan. On the other hand, while there was no economically viable external transport route to the section, NPIC innovatively proposed to extract gas condensate according to prevailing condition of the oilfield, and successfully persuaded EGPC to approve the test development plan from the perspective of mutual benefits.

Because the NorthDabaa-1 well has not been operational for five years and is a high-pressure deep gas well, it features high engineering and operating risks. After several rounds of discussion, the company optimized the well completion design, predicted and avoided risks, carefully analyzed the operation procedures, and optimized the linkages of various steps. The “high standards and strict requirements” have been implemented among field staff members in the field operation and efficiently obtained the workover rig and the complete set of ground equipment facilities under the cooperation with EGPC sister oil company. Eventually, the well completion design and coordinated installation and commissioning of the whole set of ground EPF processing equipment were completed in only 21 days, closely followed by the test development of the well.

The successful commissioning of the NorthDabaa provides a strong assurance for the completion of this year’s goals and improvement of the overall benefits, while also presenting a generous gift to commemorate the 15th anniversary since ZhenHua Oil was established.