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ZhenHua Oil EBS Project Company holds overseas public security and anti-terrorism training

PublishTime:2018-10-11 Hits:339

Iraqi EBS Project is an iconic oil and gas resource project that the group developed in response to the “Belt and Road” Initiative and is of profound strategic significance. In the context that the security situation in Iraq continues to deteriorate and HSE risks are hidden in the development of EBS oilfields, its top priority is to effectively protect the personal safety of staff members and state-owned assets while ensuring the smooth advancement of EBS projects. In order to improve the risk prevention awareness and emergency response capability of EBS project personnel, the company launched a three-day overseas public safety and anti-terrorism training in Chengdu on August 6-8.

Counselor Zhao Yan from the Department of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was invited to give a lecture. He introduced common challenges and security protection policies of Chinese-funded enterprises in Iraq with typical foreign cases, and implemented training on “psychological adjustment under special circumstances”, “customs taboos and Arabic security terms”, among others. In addition to the theoretical courses, the expatriate staff members conducted practical exercises such as live action exercises “coping with community disputes and camp attack” and “overseas emergency plan implementation”. The training boosted expatriate staff member’s risk prevention awareness and promoted the necessary emergency skills.

Zhang Jianguo, executive deputy general manager of the EBS Project Company, emphasized the complicity and severity of overseas security situation and the importance of expatriate staff members to enhance their risk prevention and emergency capability based on his working experience and the previous safety training. He further requested all trainees to enhance the risk prevention awareness, master the key points of risk management, improve their ability to cope with risks and work together to ensure stable operation of the EBS projects.

A number of renowned domestic experts and instructors from DeWe Holding Group were invited to train a total of 22 people.