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ZhenHua Oil holds the 2nd session of the 3rd Workers’ Congress

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On the afternoon of February 28, 2018, ZhenHua Oil convened the 2nd session of the 3rd Workers’ Congress. Liu Yijiang, vice president of NORINCO and chairman of ZhenHua Oil, Chen Long, chairman of the Trade Union of NORINCO, leaders, members of the Trade Union and employee representatives of ZhenHua Oil, attended the congress.

Prior to the meeting, employee representatives conducted in-depth discussions on the 2018 work report in three groups and actively provided suggestions and advices on the company's reform, operation and management.

At the meeting, Zhang Xiaodi, chairman of the Trade Union of ZhenHua Oil, summarized the works of the Trade Union in 2017 and unveiled work arrangement for 2018. In 2017, the Trade Union carried out solid and effective works centering on “organizational construction”, “learning-oriented trade union construction”, “rescue and assistance”, “creating a harmonious labor relationship” and “enriching cultural and sports activities”. It worked hard to enhance the service awareness and self building, safeguarded legal rights and interests of employees, enriched their spare-time cultural life, fully mobilized enthusiasm and creativity of cadres and workers, strengthened team's cohesiveness and combat effectiveness, and effectively safeguarded the steady development of the company. Under the leadership of the NORINCO Trade Union and the Party committee, in 2018, the Trade Union will unite and organize all employees to earnestly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, and adhere to the employee-centered approach, focus on the goal of building a learning-oriented, service-based, and innovative trade union, guide all employees to face the new situation, use new mode of thinking, stimulate new vitality of reform and innovation, truly give play to the role of the trade union as a bridge and ensure the sustainable development of the company's quality and efficiency.

In his speech, Chen Long fully affirmed the achievements of ZhenHua Oil Trade Union in 2017 and set forth four requirements on the next stage: firstly, he hoped ZhenHua Oil’s employee representatives will continue to improve their ability in participating in the company management and actively offer suggestions and advices for the company development; secondly, ZhenHua Oil should continuously deepen the reasonable suggestion soliciting program; the third requirement is to use a variety of platforms and channels to enhance interaction, publicity and promotion with the Trade Union of NORINCO ; and the fourth one is to further enhance psychological care of employees.

The meeting also unveiled implementation of proposals made at the 2017 Workers’ Congress and the use of the Trade Union funds.