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The first shipment of diesel to Iraq of Zhenhua Oil delivered successfully

PublishTime:2018-05-07 Hits:326

On January 22, 2018, with the departure of oil tanker Stena Performance from Khor Al Zubayr Port, Iraq, ZhenHua Oil successfully delivered the first tanker of diesel to Iraq. The oil tanker carried 22,000 tons of high-quality diesel to Iraq to be supplied to end-users of industry & mining, logistics and agriculture among other sectors through Iraq’s State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO). This was the first shipment of diesel supplied by a Chinese company to Iraq market after 2003 Iraq War.

In October 2017, ZhenHua Oil won a diesel supply long-term contract to Iraq with the supply quantity of 600,000 tons, thanks to its long-term efforts, close coordination with related units and active optimization of supply in the Iraq’s market. This move caused great repercussions in the industry. After winning the bid, the company attached great importance to the operation work and pooled the company's wisdom and efforts to overcome a number of difficulties of entering the brand new Iraqi market, reasonably controlled business risks and ensured successful delivery of the first shipment. This was another substantial progress made by ZhenHua Oil in the overseas refined oil market following the diesel export order to Myanmar inked in 2017.

Subsequently, ZhenHua Oil will continuously do a good job in the diesel supply as well as explore the Middle East refined oil market based on the good start so as to accumulate market and channel resources for the group company’s refined oil products export.