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Sun Laiyan, Chairman of Supervisory Board of State-owned Key Large-scale Enterprises investigates ZhenHua Oil

PublishTime:2018-05-07 Hits:144

On December 7, Sun Laiyan, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of State-owned Key Large-scale Enterprises of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC), and his party visited ZhenHua Oil. Director Jing Guiliang, and deputy director Kong Qiumin of No.6 Office, associate counsel of the Auditing and Risk Management Department of the NORINCO Group Zhou Fenghai,,  secretary of the CPC NORINCO Committee Zhang Guanjie, and chief accountant of NORINCO Chen Lin, accompanied in the investigation.

Sun and his party visited the office area of ZhenHua Oil, and conducted in-depth investigation on the RMB exchange rate, international oil pricing trend and other issues at the Financial Operation Hall as well as the Trading Hall. Then he heard a special report by Liu Yijiang on behalf of ZhenHua Oil. The report covered the basic information like operation and management, Party building of ZhenHua Oil and analysis of the risks and challenges the company was facing. Sun and guests from No. 6 Office conducted in-depth conversion on the oilfield assets operation, crude oil futures and paper trading, RMB internationalization, and risk management among others.

After listening to the report, Sun affirmed the great achievements ZhenHua Oil had made in nearly 15 years since its establishment and its outstanding contribution to the civil products segment of the group corporation. ZhenHua Oil has forged a development path of its own characteristics and gradually gainedinfluence in the industry. Chaiman Sun congratulated all the ZhenHua Oil employees for their great achievements and thanked them for their hard work. He hoped ZhenHua Oil will become the NORINCO Group’s model of “Going Global”.

Sun pointed out that ZhenHua Oil has contributed to the implementation of China’s foreign policy in the process of growing stronger and maintaining a steady growth of output, trade volume and sales revenue. He also proposed his three expectations for the future development of ZhenHua Oil: firstly, further enhance strategic planning and research to prepare for the future sustainable development on the basis of studying the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC; secondly, firmly establish the development idea of seeking steady progress and continuously deepen comprehensive risk management; thirdly, make good use of the domestic and overseas platforms as well as foster a group of high-quality talents with international outlook.