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ZhenHua Oil Wins ISO14001 and OHSAS18001

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Authenticated and approved by British Standards Institution (BSI), ZhenHua Oil was awarded ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:2007, two certificates of international management system, by the said institution on December 29, 2016.

The authentication and approval process consisted of preliminary review, formal review in the first phase and final review in the second phase. BSI made an on-the-spot investigation of ZhenHua Oil’s 13 management departments, its storage and transportation companies in Dalian and Yingkou, as well as its NPIC project company in Egypt, covering such business areas as overseas exploration and development of oil and gas, investment in oil industry, international oil trade, and storage and transportation of oil products, etc. Through interviews with company leaders, representatives of various departments and employees at the production line, and with the sampling of related documents and records, inspection of the equipment and facilities on the spot and examination of relevant technologies and job activities, the authentication process lasted 4 months, with 22 authenticators involved. ZhenHua Oil was through with all the examinations in the end and satisfactorily passed BSI’s reviews in the southern part of China.

Through examination and guidance from BSI, the professional international certification company, ZhenHua Oil has further improved its HSE management system, boosted the normalization, standardization and internationalization of its HSE management, and won IAF-, ANAB- and BSI-related certificates that are an acknowledgement and credibility in international cooperation among various countries in the world. The certificates strongly prove that ZhenHua Oil’s HSE management complies with relevant international standards, that ZhenHua Oil has attached great importance to environmental protection, production safety and management of its employees’ health as well as level of its management in this regard, that ZhenHua Oil can be recognized by local governments and its partners when making exploration and development of oil and gas overseas and attaining chances of new projects. And such certificates are also conducive to further enhancing ZhenHua Oil’s reputation and popularity and can help ZhenHua establish its international credibility.